I never knew any of my grandfathers or grandmothers as they had gone on to their beloved reward before I was even born.  My grandfather, George Washington Freeland, was a sheriff in Southeast Arkansas near the Louisiana border.  On his birthday, he would have friends and family over to enjoy a whole goat and a whole hog that he would smoke on his pit for the celebration.  Along with the juicy and smoky meats “hot-off-the-grill” he would also serve up his famous Bar-B-Q sauce and mouthwatering side dishes.  Cold beer and live music were always a big part of the celebration, too.
I understand that my great grandfather was the original pitmaster in our family and passed on the family secrets and love of pit barbecuing to my grandfather.  Now, over 150 years later, I find myself displaying the same passion for barbecuing that made my grandfather’s celebrations so special.  Building upon the secrets I learned as a small boy watching Mr. Mason at his smoking pit, I feel privileged and honored to continue the legacy of both my family and of Mr. Mason.
 --Rick Freeland, 
aka “The SASS Man”
  4th Generation Pitmaster
My father met him back in 1922 in Louisiana.  Mason Miles was a master barbecue chef and expert blender of traditional native seasonings, sauces, moppin' solutions and exotic smoking woods.  Quality, tenderness and mouthwatering flavors were his trademark.  I learned his legendary secrets starting over 58 years ago as a young boy sitting on a small stool out by his brick pit.  The tradition of Mason Miles and the genuine love he put into his barbecue and smoked meats can be yours when you experience any of the delicious items from our Catering and Custom Smoked Meats menus. He was my mentor and our lifelong family friend.  I respectfully called him, Mr. Mason.

 --Rick Freeland
  4th Generation Pitmaster
 The Legend Continues...
 The Legend of Mr. Mason Miles
The Legend of Mr. Mason
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